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Maximize diligence to accelerate growth, value creation and transformational priorities

With increased competition for limited businesses and assets, investment partners are engaging with operating partners earlier and earlier in the deal lifecycle. This could even be as early as target sourcing and before initial management team meetings. We believe this disciplined best practice delivers accelerated value creation in a shorter time, delivering impressive quartile/decile returns […]

Why you should invest in eCommerce to stay ahead of the competition

COVID-19 is a human tragedy that has affected millions of people. It is also having a permanent and transformative impact on consumer purchasing behavior, which in turn will impact the future of the global economy. With strict lockdowns and movement restrictions in place during the pandemic, global brands with a poor online presence and high […]

What is the future of AI Development in Supply Chain and Logistics?

The subject of the future of A.I. (artificial intelligence) can often spark thought-provoking discussions, especially when it comes to how future advances may help to shape logistics operations for both light and heavy goods vehicles. Quite often, questions such as these will come up: ● How does AI help in supply chain and logistics? ● […]

Technology and Digital Transformation – Lessons from the Front Lines-Post-Covid

In the post-covid digital transformation world, many CEOs spend the majority of their days in meetings, discussing post covid back to work projects such as office sanitizing, plexiglass workspace dividers, on site vaccinations, and hybrid work timing. Since Covid, many companies have taken part in various digital transformation projects that have been put on hold […]

Developing a Data Analytics Culture

We have had the opportunity of implementing a data analytics and reporting engine in organizations that were large global and complex, and also in environments that were smaller and more entrepreneurial. Here are some of the things we learnt that, we believe, may be worth sharing. The reality is that every organization is at some […]

Machine Learning in Supply Chains

Get Some Quick ROI with Practical Use Cases There is a lot going on with Machine Intelligence. With experimentation all around, use cases are popping up everywhere. As always, the value of a technology capability and the speed of adoption depends on picking a few promising opportunities and making a successful impact rather than trying […]