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How We Drive Growth

We use proprietary frameworks and methodologies using our collective experience to enable Revenue and EBITDA acceleration and create strong improvement in valuations

Through a focused and disciplined approach, we diligence the impact of emerging technologies and supply chain inefficiencies to accurately identify investment areas while managing risks to deliver value creation opportunities.

Then, our in-house innovation team utilizes our proprietary design methodologies to deliver innovative digital and operational pivots to deliver exponential growth and returns.

Technology Leadership Methodology (TLM)

In an industry where innovation is both an opportunity and a threat, software and technology companies have to plan for the long-term and be ready to adapt their product roadmap based on changing customer features. Software that can respond quickly to changing customer needs, is seamlessly integrated, and can deliver an automated user experience will prove crucial. This is becoming increasingly important during. the Coronavirus pandemic where software and technology will be at the heart of enabling working and living in the new normal, and even beyond.

Diligence<br>& Discovery

& Discovery

Product Assessment
We evaluate product vision, strategy, roadmap and competitive differentiation for UI/UX maturity, features & functionality rollout and support models, for competitiveness.

Application and Data
We assess the technical debt, code quality, usability and run Opensource scans for OSS risks. We also evaluate application and database architecture for efficiency, integration and modernity. Where applicable, we investigate platform modernization approach and requirements for reliability of delivery.

Organization & Talent Management
Our team analyzes organization structure, talent acquisition & retention practices, talent development and management, global delivery efficiencies, and cost optimization opportunities for R&D leadership and team resources.

We benchmark governance processes, portfolio management process maturity and assess the SDLC, design and development, Agile/Scrum/DevOps processes. We review CI/CD pipeline and automation tools and associated QA processes and customer complaint logs.

Infrastructure & Security
We assess the maturity, quality and modernity of the application infrastructure including the use of public and hybrid cloud. We also focus on cybersecurity practices and evaluate the risks and opportunities to ensure best customer experience, data integrity, privacy, cost and business resiliency.

Financials & Profitability
Scrutinize pipeline, budgets, pricing models, and business case ROI and research true costs for transformations and Tech Debt Burn Down.

Analysis &<br>Value Creation

Analysis &
Value Creation

Cloud Migration
As experts in the architecture of hyper converged infrastructure covering public, private and hybrid clouds, we can assist in executing a cloud migration strategy to your chosen cloud provider with a strong program management approach.

With Cybersecurity front and center in boardrooms, we can deliver proactive risk reduction and education with cyber security assessments and response plans. Having worked with PHI/PII information in highly regulated industries like healthcare and IP intensive Hi-Tech we understand and address organization risks.

Global Delivery Model
With long experience implementing global delivery models for development and support in complex organizations and having led companies delivering such cost efficiencies as providers, we can quickly execute on cost optimization opportunities increasing value where needed.

Customer Journey Design
With our strong team specializing in UI/UX design and our deep experience developing websites and e-commerce engines, we can help optimize the customer journey with engaging interfaces, driving strong revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

Carve Out Planning and Execution
We assist in executing complex carve outs with the evaluation, planning and execution. Our playbook delivers integration and synergy opportunities with an improved time to value for the transaction.

Technical Debt Reduction
We assist companies in reducing risk and increasing value, while streamlining development and maximizing developer productivity, by resolving accumulated technical debt. We target initiatives around refactoring and re-platforming that have maximum impact.

Innovation & <br>Execution

Innovation &

Data Science and Predictive Modeling
Developing the value in customer data through advanced analytics and predictive models, to create new business models and sources of revenue acceleration.

New Technology Prototyping
Prototyping and executing on new technologies for applications and infrastructure ranging from containerization & kubernettes to chatbots & interactive AR/VR applications for products.

AI and Machine Learning
Using supervised and unsupervised learning to identify patterns and insights in customer data. Applications we have worked on have been in healthcare and customer interactions in consumer focused tech enabled business services.

Automation & Algorithmic Testing
Testing automation in application development is a productivity enhancer and quality improvement that can reduce the time to market for new feature enhancements. We have developed algorithmic testing processes that can be adapted to enhance product quality and speed.

Rearchitecting applications for IoT and 5G
Internet of Things and 5G are enabling extraordinary edge computing capabilities as well as rapid & responsive user interaction resulting in multiple ways to improve the customer experience. We can help innovate these capabilities to make applications state of the art.

Modernizing SDLC
Improving the quality, reliability and efficiency of the software development life cycle with introduction of devops, CI/CD and Agile development methodologies is an area where we can help execute improvement of speed and productivity of the development organization.

Supply Chain & Manufacturing Optimization (SUMOTM)

Compass Point Partners has developed a proprietary framework that we call SUMO, that delivers immediate diagnostic and ideas on improving Supply Chain and Manufacturing productivity. We analyze key business processes, ask the right questions, review the most appropriate metrics, benchmark performance with similar cohort and interview key stakeholders. We then assess the best opportunities and the most disruptive risks and arrange them in a rank ordered list of areas of opportunity to create real value and innovate. We differentiate ourselves further in our ability to help you execute on the recommended projects and secure the value.

The SUMO methodology is not only comprehensive and executed by executives with long experience in diverse industries that have done it many times in the past, but is also focused on real recommendations that can be accretive to earnings and beneficial to the cash flow, to help improve EBITDA on a sustainable basis. Contact us to review our methodology and see how it can positively impact your portfolio and your potential acquisitions.

Supply Chain & Manufacturing Optimization (SUMO<sup>TM</sup>)
Diligence<br>& Discovery

& Discovery

New Product Development
Accelerating the process of getting from ideation to full market release of products through the innovation and execution cycle.

Sourcing Effectiveness
Improving the ability to scan, evaluate and select suppliers on parameters of quality, reliability, cost and responsiveness.

Procurement Efficiencies
Upgrading the procurement process to leverage scale, manage contracts and enforce reliability, schedule adherence, visibility and governance.

Manufacturing Productivity
Enhancing the availability, yield & efficiency of the manufacturing process through analysis and identification of bottlenecks and improvement opportunities.

Distribution Network Efficiency
Analyzing the distribution network for transportation cost reduction, DC automation, service level improvement and responsiveness.

Technology Assessment
Assessing the state of operations technology to create a roadmap for digital transformation of the supply chain.

Supply Chain Risk Evaluation
Scanning the supply chain for risks of disruption and developing proactive mitigation plans to avoid fulfillment gaps.

Analysis &<br>Value Creation

Analysis &
Value Creation

Cost containment
Strategies for bending the cost curve and increasing capital productivity.

Demand Sensing and Shaping
Using multiple data sources and AI to improve forecast accuracy.

Inventory Optimization
Optimizing inventory to improve free cash flow with machine learning approaches.

Transportation Planning
Use transportation management tools to reduce cost and improve service with optimized transportation.

Integrated Business Planning
Supercharge revenue growth and NWC productivity with demand and supply balancing achieved using IBP.

DC Automation
Optimize throughput and labor productivity with automated DC’s that process omnichannel orders faster and cheaper.

Supply Network Optimization
Supplier evaluation, selection, transition and onboarding where opportunities to improve supply side economics and execution efficiency exist.

Metrics and Dashboard Implementation
Hewing to industry standard SCOR models, we develop customized KPI and Graphical Dashboard to help keep a close watch on key metrics and set goals for value creation with step change programs.

Innovation & <br>Execution

Innovation &

Robotic Process Automation
Increase labor productivity with robotic process automation that make transaction processing quicker and increase capacity.

Manufacturing Analytics
Use manufacturing analytics to identify throughput improvement opportunities and drive Kaizen events to reach higher levels of efficiency.

Predictive Analytics
Utilize machine learning and sensors to reduce downtime and increase OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

Sensors & IoT
Deliver new capabilities in your products to gather and monetize data with sensors and IoT capabilities with arriving 5G networks.

Worker training with AR
Improve field service technician capabilities with remote training and guidance using Augmented Reality (AR).

5G Assessment
We can study your operations, product and communications and come up with the most productive way your investment could benefit from leveraging fast arriving 5G bandwidth communications.

Customer & Marketing Analytics
With our experience in digital marketing, we can develop customer segmentation models and analytics, to fine tune your marketing efforts and improve the effectiveness of your pricing and marketing spend.