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Where We Focus

Whether special situations or growth, we maximize value-creation potential at every stage of investment. Our actionable insights and roadmap serve as the value creation and growth engine for private equity or founder-owned companies across our focus verticals.

Private Equity

Our team of operating partners, senior executives, and technologists have decades of experience in private equity, with a proven track record of building profitable high-growth companies in diverse industries, while successfully creating shareholder value. We understand the speed and execution rigor required across differentiated investment strategies.

We support growth and value creation throughout the investment lifecycle, from deal generation and due diligence to portfolio value creation and exit planning.

As a differentiator, our in-house innovation and technology solutions team identifies the impact of emerging technologies and how it can not only create efficient operations but accelerate exponential growth in sectors that have yet to realize digital disruption.

  • Verticals We Focus On
  • Software & Technology

    Software product companies as well as technology enabled business services where technology and architecture are key drivers for success.

    Software & TechnologySoftware & Technology

    • Marketing Automation

      Digital marketing products that help improve automation and effectiveness in marketing.

    • Cloud Solutions

      Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a service are part of the landscape now. Multi-tenant hosted platforms that ease service management.

    • Retail & E-Commerce

      Customer centric E-commerce software that reduce friction and ease the selection, order and fulfillment of omni-channel commerce.

    • Education Technology

      Software products that streamline and enable the remote learning process and improve student engagement and teacher effectiveness.

    • Enterprise Solutions

      Enterprise business process enablement solutions that deliver functional capabilities for organizations of all sizes.

    • Data Intelligence & Analytics

      Companies that help monetize data with Data and Analytics as a Service.

    • Asset Management

      Digital assets are core to the marketing effort in all industries now. Companies that help manage those assets and deliver value.

    • Consumer Solutions

      Consumer focused software that enable individuals and communities to be more engaged in activities and social interactions.

    • Cyber Security

      Cyber Security software companies that provide protection against security threats and intelligent threat response.

    • On Premise Products

      Products that run on commercial systems as standalone instances delivering mission critical functions.

  • Consumer Product

    Consumer durables and non-durables, including consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, food, cosmetics and services.

    Consumer ProductConsumer Product

    • Consumer Electronics

      Audio and Video consumer and professional grade electronics include speakers and blue tooth enabled devices.

    • Durable Goods

      In home white goods with internet enabled technology.

    • Consumer Wearables

      Consumer grade wearables for measurement of health and activity parameters.

    • Fast moving consumer good (FMCG)

      Consumer packaged products distributed through retail omni-channel.

    • Food & Beverage

      Non refrigerated packaged food products and beverages.

    • Cosmetics

      OTC consumer cosmetic products distributed through retail.

    • Consumer services

      Tech enabled consumer oriented B2C services in various sectors such as fintech, social media, enthusiasts and hobbies etc.

  • Healthcare

    Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health insurance, providers and intermediaries. Also, healthcare IT encompassing patient engagement and health data analytics.


    • Pharmaceuticals

      All pharmaceutical products, both prescription and OTC, in areas of development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing.

    • Medical Devices

      FDA regulated Class 1-3 products including orthopedic implants and sensors, cardiac care, renal care and diagnostic devices.

    • Health Insurance

      Systems for payors, including payment processing, patient engagement etc.

    • Pharmacy Benefits Managers

      Pharmacy benefit administration systems, processing, payments and analytics.

    • Hospitals

      Patient health records, supply chain & procurement planning systems patient data analytics and external interfaces.

    • Rehab and SNF (Skilled Nursing Facilities)

      Physical therapy and rehab facilities, SNF’s, senior care and associated providers and patient care systems.

    • Healthcare IT

      Data integration and analytics of health care records for patient care improvement and predictive interventions.

    • Wearables & Monitors

      Medical IoT (Internet of Things) products including orthopedic and diabetic monitors.

  • Industrial

    Discrete and process industries in industrial sector including chemicals, basic materials, mining, Agro-products, hi tech industrial and machinery.


    • Chemicals

      Sector comprising coatings, paints, cleaning products and other specialty process chemicals.

    • Agro-chemicals

      Herbicides, Pesticides and Insecticides as well as plant nutrition products.

    • Mining

      Open cast surface mining with ore extraction, smelting and processing into slag.

    • Basic Materials

      Process products used as input into discrete manufacturing.

    • Machinery

      Industrial machinery including material handling and automation products.

    • Hi-Tech Industrials

      Semi-conductors, Printed Circuit Boards, Sensors, Processors including components that go into consumer hi tech.

Growth Stage Companies

We are passionate to partner with visionary entrepreneurs and innovators to scale-up, innovate and pivot to digital. Having launched, run and operated businesses ourselves, our highly experienced team has walked in your shoes. We deploy our three fundamental pillars – identify, innovate and execute – to help you focus on the strategic vision, operational and technological priorities to expand market share while improving productivity to unlock exponential returns.

Attributes We Seek

Great companies are driven by the inspiration of great founders and entrepreneurs. Our job is to help you build great companies and support you in any way that we can along your journey.

We want to hear from you if your company has been “through the tunnel” and demonstrated success in the market. The key question now is “How big and important can this business be?”

When customers want to buy your product, we are confident you are doing something right. To sustain growth, entrepreneurs need to scale-up and deliver continuous innovation, especially in industries undergoing transformation. We provide a roadmap to build on the growth and overcome those hurdles.

We understand building a great product or technology platform requires transformational capital and resources. We partner with entrepreneurs to provide both to sustain long-term success.

Late Stage Venture Capital

We have a proven track record of building enterprise value working with innovators and late stage portfolio companies. Our advisory and growth-enablement platform is transparent and results-driven – partnering with investment teams to evaluate technology platforms and supply chain operational improvements, and executing targeted value creation opportunities driving scale-up, innovation, and transformation.

Late Stage Venture Capital